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Colosseum Digital presents a new way of event ticketing and management

Product / Module


With predictive economics, user engagement, inventory control, and blacklist management at the heart of our system, we restore the fan's faith, by restoring event owner control.

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Deliver tokenized and enhanced digital tickets, based on smart contract configuration, created and enforced by the event owner and ticket issuer.  A safer ticket for your event, a better ticket for your fan/customer and for you. A 21st century ticket that works for everyone.



(Resale Configuration Engine)

Take back control of you ticket with the ability to instigate your own commercial and behavioral resale rules. Rule that can work with your entire event inventory. Adapt and manage prices and availability in real time, as predicted event economics unfold. Increase your revenues, create a better deal for your customer, whilst eliminating the illegal secondary market.


Event-Multi Event

Configuration Module

Create events or a series of events, then attach specific resale conditions to your tickets using our Resale Configuration Engine (RCE). Develop your own dashboard of matchday economic indicators using our Predictive Economics Module (PEM). Total event transparency.


Venue Descriptor

Create venue mapping for event optimisation at a single venue or multiple venues. Seat views and locators all visible to your customers giving an enhanced Customer experience that is safer and more efficient.


Easy Integration

Simplified API integration to all access control and ticket issuing systems. Seamless customised App creation for ticket wallets as a stand alone or within an existing system.



(Tokenized Point of Sale)

Use of digital wallet payments by your customers/fans at all event/venue concession stands, is all possible using the one simple to use wallet.


Distribution / Sub

Distribution channels

Define eligibility of distribution channels, allocate digital single or bulk tickets to distributors, with built in commercial and behavioral re-sale rules. Our system deals with single tickets, season tickets, discounted tickets, VIP, Sponsors and all hospitality tickets and the attendant agents who are authorised to sell them on your behalf. You control the sale points, the quantity and the agreed mark-ups. Total ticket transparency, total ticket security, every step of the journey.



(Hospitality Management Module)

Control and observe every transaction done with your Hospitality Packages, Commercial partners, "Ticket Giveaways", and your VIP ticket allocation. You configure for the ultimate in transparency and commercial optimisation.  Distribute to a single source or a commercial partner. Let them handle the rest knowing you control the economics, as agreed.



(Predictive economics module)

Three phase event attendance and client engagement points to predict and adapt event settings for optimised revenue & attendance. For the first time, know who is coming to your event and exactly what your attendance will be. Not just a great tool for predicting attendance but an incredible insight in to customers that you previously didn’t know. With this knowledge comes huge marketing opportunities and extra client engagement.

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This is 21st century ticketing. This is the standard.

Customers should accept no less. Our system turns your ticket in to something special, giving you total control. It delivers a safer event, a ticket free from fraud and a customer protected at every step of the journey from purchase to play.

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